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Rules Roles Description
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Roles Description

This thread elucidates the distinct roles within our RV Team, each assigned a specific set of responsibilities. Comprehending these guidelines is imperative for seamless collaboration within the RV Team. Please familiarize yourself with these fundamentals to foster a cooperative working environment

RV Team Roles:
  • Owner, Overlord (System Admin, Head Server Admin)
  • Developer
  • Forum Moderator
  • Senior Server Admin, Junior Server Admin (Server Admin)

Owner and Overlord


I. Administrative roles:
  • Possesses unrestricted administrative privileges

II. Server management roles:
  • Holds authority over all server-related tasks

III. Position overview:
  • Governs and manages all facets of the community

Overlord (System Admin, Head Server Admin)

I. Administrative roles:
  • Inherit their administrative privileges from the Owner

II. Server management roles:
  • Inherit their server management roles from the Owner

III. Position overview:
  • System Admin has the authority and power to control all dedicated server-related tasks
  • Head Server Admin has the authority and power to control all game server-related tasks


I. Administrative roles:
  • Addresses player complaints, ban/unban requests following community rules
  • Moderates all community forum boards

II. Server management roles:
  • Manages server plugins, modifications, and resources
  • Proposes changes to forum design or function
  • Adds, edits, and removes plugins, modifications, and other resources from the servers
  • Adds, edits, and removes game servers
  • Adds and edits server variables and configurations

III. Position overview:
  • Developers play a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing the community and servers
  • In server management, they actively contribute by managing plugins, modifications, resources, and server configurations
  • Developers hold the power to propose changes to the forum's design and functionality
  • They are crucial for introducing new content to the community and ensuring the forum's effective administration
  • Developers operate under a broad spectrum, contributing both to the community's administrative functions and the technical aspects of server management

Forum Moderator

I. Administrative roles:
  • Moderates all community forum boards
  • Ensures adherence to community guidelines and policies
  • Addresses and resolves user-related issues on the forum
  • Monitors and manages user interactions, posts, and threads
  • Participates in discussions to maintain a positive and constructive forum environment

II. Server management roles:
  • No specific role in server management

III. Position overview:
  • Forum Moderators serve as the day-to-day managers of the forum
  • Their primary responsibility is to maintain a clean and organized forum space by moderating and managing user-generated content
  • They play a crucial role in upholding community guidelines, ensuring discussions remain constructive, and promptly addressing any inappropriate or rule-violating behavior
  • While they do not have specific roles in server management, their focus lies in fostering a positive and engaging community atmosphere on the forum
  • Forum Moderators contribute to the overall well-being of the community by actively participating in discussions, guiding users, and facilitating a welcoming environment for all members

Server Admin

Content will be updated soon!

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Copying or reproducing this content without permission from the Overlords is strictly prohibited

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